Business (and Service) Visioning in Pictures

The pdfs below were created by active individual DA and BDA members during the conference, which we hosted during July and August 2021, January and February 2022, and July and August 2022.

Please feel free to download the pdfs below by clicking on the images and use them for inspiration as you develop your own visions in DA and BDA.

We will be hosting the next Visioning Conference in early 2022. Please put the registration in your spending plan and join us. Upcoming BDA Help for Debtors (registered group # 7720) events can be found here.

We're experiencing miracles in our DA and BDA recovery, and you can, too. But you've got to show up and do the work. First the work of getting solvent — incurring no new unsecured debt, no matter what, one day at a time — then the work of taking the 12 Steps, then everything else.

The simple three-slide template used to create some of the business visions in pictures below can be downloaded here. As you will see in the samples provided, this template is just a starting point. The possibilities for getting our visions into pictures are unlimited.

2022_08_13 - Bobs Service Vision for BDA Workshops and BDA Help for Debtors.jpg
01 - Business vision in pictures.jpg
02 - Business vision in pictures.jpg
04 - Business vision in pictures.jpg
03 - Business vision in pictures.jpg