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Literature Coordinator

We combined two active service groups into one in September 2022. Please visit for details about our current service activities.

By group conscience, and based on availability of earmarked funds, we provide and ship physical copies of certain DA and BDA conference-approved books and pamphlets to BDA members and newcomers at no cost to them. We offer two books and the 2020 pamphlet bundle by eBooks, too. Unfortunately, due to international copyright restrictions, we can only offer eBooks to DA and BDA newcomers and members in the US.

Please do not ask for both formats, at least not without three to six months between requests. (We are well-supported by BDA groups and members, yet we still need to ensure we are spending within our plan.) We especially want to support newcomers — and members who do not have local or regional access to conference-approved literature — with this service.


The seven pieces of paper literature we make available are: DA’s A Currency of Hope; DA’s “12, 12, and 12” book; Business Debtors Anonymous pamphlet; BDA Tools pamphlet; Twelve Promises pamphlet; Underearning pamphlet; and Visions pamphlet. We welcome requests for any one, any combination, or even all of these books and pamphlets if they will support you in getting and staying solvent (not incurring new unsecured debt, one day at a time, no matter what) in DA and BDA.

To request physical or eBook copies of any or all of the program literature listed above, please fill out the literature request form and your literature will be gratefully sent to you.

If you would like to support the provision of literature to BDA members and newcomers who need it and don't have local access, please see below for the most recent inventory report from our Literature Coordinator. Then use any of the 7th Tradition buttons on this website and include "Literature Fund" in the available note space. You can do the same thing for our "Public Information (or PI) Fund." 

Thank you!

Note on group literature orders: We suggest BDA groups buy their literature from GSO and individual BDA members to buy literature from BDA groups.


Encouraging BDA group generosity: We encourage BDA groups to buy and distribute conference-approved literature — at least pamphlets, if not books — at no cost to members and newcomers. We would like to see our DA and BDA fellowship move forward into more generosity with our newcomers. We believe this would also move the burden of funding our literature back to our members, and group and Intergroup treasuries, and remove the burden of "buying our solution" from newcomers.

A small obligation, yet a big payoff: The financial obligation for providing free literature in your meetings would likely be minimal, and newcomers would be more likely to keep coming back and participating in BDA meetings and activities in gratitude for and loyalty to our generosity. Providing 2-3 books and 5-6 pamphlets per month would cost an average of approximately $60 per month. If you provided only pamphlets and no books, at no cost to members, $60 per month would go much further in pamphlet purchases. Those could be dollars gratefully spent.

Free DA and BDA literature on this website: There are many pieces of free DA and BDA literature, although primarily service materials, available on this website at Free Literature and its sub-pages: Service Literature; Public Information; and Discontinued DA Pamphlets

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