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Tech and Web Coordinators

We combined two active service groups into one in September 2022. Please visit for details about our current service activities.

Once these project coordinator positions are filled, we will begin to flesh them out, just as we have done for our Literature Coordinator and Newsletter Coordinator. In the meantime, here are the relevant position details we've discussed so far:

Technology and Website Coordinator (ideally two coordinators with clear lines of responsibility):

Oversees the BDA Help for Debtors website. Most importantly, the Tech and Web coordinators work with BDA Help for Debtors team members to ensure the employed technology and website function within BDA Help for Debtors group conscience decisions and DA’s and BDA’s Traditions and Concepts. The BDA Help for Debtors website is intended to support carrying the DA and BDA message both to those who still suffer and to those who have already found and are recovering in DA and BDA:

Public Outreach:


In keeping with our Eleventh Tradition, BDA Help for Debtors website is used as our primary resource to spread the word about DA and BDA to potentially interested media (TV, radio, newspapers, Internet sites, etc.). In cooperation with the BDA Help for Debtors PI coordinators, the website also includes information for the media and helping professionals, as well as churches, libraries, crisis hotlines, and other Twelve-Step fellowships. We emphasize the “attraction” part of Tradition Eleven in terms of colors, content, layout, and visual design elements. This focus on attraction to our DA and BDA program and fellowship will hopefully continue indefinitely.

In-Reach to the DA and BDA Fellowship and the International BDA Community:

The BDA Help for Debtors website is used to inform the worldwide membership of DA and BDA about BDA-hosted events and activities. These events include retreats, workshops, BDA meeting anniversary celebrations, days of sharing, etc. We share this information by maintaining active and accurate calendars of BDA meetings and events, including fliers and notices provided by BDA groups and members. The BDA Help for Debtors project Tech and Web Coordinators maintain robust resources for BDA members and groups, including PI materials available for BDA groups and members interested in doing outreach.

Want to suggest a new position? Please submit a proposed description.

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