Radio Outreach Project Reports

Through the financial support of many, many BDA groups and members, BDA Help for Debtors (registered group # 7720) was able to hire a media company to help script and then produce and distribute both a 30-second audio public service announcement (PSA) and a 60-second audio news release (ANR).


Please visit Radio Media Outreach Resources to listen to the audio recordings, to download all three via a single zip file, and to read the cover letter sent to radio stations. We performed our first PSA distribution on April 15, 2021 and our second on October 5, 2021. We anticipate performing similar PSA distributions every six months for the next two years, longer if possible.  

Our purpose in performing these radio outreach projects is to carry the message to our fellow debtors, especially those who may not have heard of us yet. As an anonymous organization, we keep no reports of newcomers and members or how they first heard of us. So that is an impossible measurement for our radio outreach efforts.


However, we can measure the effectiveness of attracting radio stations to play our PSAs and ANRs.


The first report below (one page) represents the number of airings and estimated listeners for our audio news release, as well as the designated market areas (DMAs) in which our ANR would have been heard. In this case our ANR was played every Sunday in April 2021 for a total of 3,349 airings to a projected weekly audience of 3.6 million listeners. This is a one-time report for radio outreach activity in the month of April 2021.

The second report below (four pages) is the most recent executive summary for our current radio outreach projects. There is an additional station airing details report, which is not appropriate for posting or publication. For members, groups, or Intergroups who would like the detailed report, please send an email to to request those details. Please also send an email if you have any questions about anything you see on this page or website. Or please join us for one of our monthly service meetings: last Tuesday of every month, 5-6:30pm pacific, 8-9:30pm eastern, etc. (there's a waiting room)


You may also want to visit DA and BDA Public InformationOutreach Brochures, Public Information Workshop Recordings, and Radio Media Outreach Resources.

2021_08_12 - BDA April 2021 ANR Report from media company.jpg

The above is a report of the results for a one-time outreach project to produce and distribute our

60-second audio news release (ANR). While we love the 60-second version of our message, which will not be played by most radio stations based on their format guidelines, we were not satisfied with the ANR distribution results.

2021_11_11 - October 2021 BDA Radio PSA - Executive Summary_Page_1.jpg
2021_11_11 - October 2021 BDA Radio PSA - Executive Summary_Page_2.jpg
2021_11_11 - October 2021 BDA Radio PSA - Executive Summary_Page_3.jpg
2021_11_11 - October 2021 BDA Radio PSA - Executive Summary_Page_4.jpg

The above pages are the most recent executive summary of the results for our current  project to distribute our 30-second audio public service announcement (PSA). We are very pleased with the distribution results for our PSA, and our vision is to repeat the PSA distribution every six months for at least three years, through 2023, longer if this media outreach continues to be as productive as our first and second radio outreach projects.

Below are our previous PSA distribution reports, beginning with a report for June 2021 (when we began to understand these reports and what they tell us). There is a new format beginning in October 2021.